new job!

I sort of forgot about this blog I started, hence the long time since I last posted. I got a new job! I start tomorrow as a lab tech. I’m really excited.

Our house is more or less set up, although there’s still some painting to do. We have a bunch of outdoors stuff to get done. We have a functional fireplace now, which is really cool.

Around when we first moved in, we made the mistake of getting a quote on waterproofing our basement, but decided not to get it done, because it’s really expensive. Since then, they keep calling me and trying to schedule someone to come out and look at my basement again, even though I keep telling them we aren’t interested. They are super pushy about it, too, so I have to hang up on them.

It’s like:

Them: bla bla bla We have a sale on stuff. Our guy can come out next week to do things and so would Monday or Tuesday work better for you?

Me: I’m not interested.

Them: Well, we have a great sale, so is Monday or Tuesday better for you, or if you’d rather, we can do Wednesday?

Me: I’m not interested.

Them: *still talking while I’m trying to say I’m not interested.*

Me: *click*

We are doing a lot of outside stuff for the house. We’ve got a garden, and we’re planning a patio. We also took apart the rock wall in the front yard, because it was horrible, and now we’re replacing it with a cinderblock planter wall. It doesn’t stick out as far, so we can actually open the car door there, and it’ll be more even. Plus, I think the plants in the cinderblocks will look nice.