Medusa in love

First off, I’m really hating “Medusa in love” as a title. I really have to think up something better.

Less than a month until nanowrimo starts, and I’m really anxious to get started on it. I really want to try and plan out the story before I start writing it in November. I’m still in the fluffy all the ideas stage, so these posts are going to be a bit erratic, and the story won’t really seem cohesive to anyone reading these.

I was just thinking that maybe she’s a teacher at a school for monster children. Like, think prof. X’s school, but for monsters instead of mutants. And not having a super hero team come out of it. So I guess nothing like that at all. But like, a school where they teach different monster students, and tailor the education to their needs and abilities.

So this school teaches mermaids, medusas, satyrs, centaurs, minotaurs, etc. She’s a teacher there, as well as a former student. She’s a committed scholar, who studies cultures, both human and monster cultures. For the purposes of these posts, “monsters” are any sentient races that aren’t human.

I’m still trying to think out a story line. I’ve got some vague ideas, but it’s not fleshed out enough to put out there yet.


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