Today is more unpacking. I don’t know exactly what I did, but my pinky knuckle has been hurting since we moved, so I took off my wedding and engagement rings so I could buddy tape my pinky finger to my ring finger. This is the first time I’ve taken them off since I first put my wedding ring on behind the engagement ring. (I was wearing it wrong for a while.) My engagement ring is too small for me, so I think I’m going to have to get it resized.

Meantime, there’s still loads of unpacking to do, and most of it falls on me, since my husband works and I don’t right now. It’s daunting but we’ll get there.

I have recently made the switch from coffee to tea because I panicked and thought I might have arthritis, and saw that tea was better for inflammation than coffee. I am not so panicked about arthritis anymore, but i am still sticking with it, and generally enjoying the tea. plus it removes some calories from my diet, because i put milk or cream in my coffee, but not in my tea.

the cats are all very lovy right now, but also very needy. they constantly follow me around, demanding pets, laps, and treats. even curly, who never cared about treats before, is crazy about them lately. It makes it hard to get anything done when I’ve got three little furry children demanding love.


what to do about Jehovah’s Witnesses?

So I was just visited by Jehovah’s witness ladies, who read the bible at me and tried to get me to take their magazine. They were very nice, and so I can’t complain too much, but I find them a little irritating, because it’s hard to get rid of them without being rude, and I don’t want to be rude because they are nice. I’m not very good with talking to people, especially people I don’t know. In the past, when I’ve interacted with Jehovah Witnesses, I’ve taken the magazines to get them to leave me alone, and they don’t stop there. If you give them any ground, they will push to get you to do more. Several years ago, some lady bothered me at a bus stop while I was reading a book, and then tried to get me to let them come to my apartment to have a bible study. Like she really expected me to allow a bunch of strangers over to my tiny studio apartment to read the bible at me, because I let her give me the magazine. I guess today was better, because I got away without the magazine, after some babbling about the Our Father and them reading one bible passage at me. Blarg

Medusa in love

First off, I’m really hating “Medusa in love” as a title. I really have to think up something better.

Less than a month until nanowrimo starts, and I’m really anxious to get started on it. I really want to try and plan out the story before I start writing it in November. I’m still in the fluffy all the ideas stage, so these posts are going to be a bit erratic, and the story won’t really seem cohesive to anyone reading these.

I was just thinking that maybe she’s a teacher at a school for monster children. Like, think prof. X’s school, but for monsters instead of mutants. And not having a super hero team come out of it. So I guess nothing like that at all. But like, a school where they teach different monster students, and tailor the education to their needs and abilities.

So this school teaches mermaids, medusas, satyrs, centaurs, minotaurs, etc. She’s a teacher there, as well as a former student. She’s a committed scholar, who studies cultures, both human and monster cultures. For the purposes of these posts, “monsters” are any sentient races that aren’t human.

I’m still trying to think out a story line. I’ve got some vague ideas, but it’s not fleshed out enough to put out there yet.

A few random house things

So first of all, I fixed the broken desk. It broke when the movers tried to move it. It was my fault though, because I left the drawers full of stuff. Anyway, it was an easy fix, because it just came apart at a seam, so I just had to get the pieces back together, put some glue, and a couple of nails, and we were good to go.

Next, we got the hubbin’s desk and chair put together last night.

The house is still a mess of boxes and and whatnot. My hands have been aching since the move. I think I overdid it. Not sure if my knuckles are sprained, or if it’s arthritis, or what. Trying to take it easy today, and turned the heat on, which seems to help a bit.

I think I’ve been watching too much HGTV lately, so I’m thinking about all these cool renovation things we could do to make the house nicer. I’ve been thinking about putting in a tile countertop. Hubbin didn’t like the idea, but I think putting in large tiles could look really nice. I’m going to show him some pictures and see if I can bring him around. I’m hoping he’s picturing the old small tile with all the grout issues and whatnot, and if I show him how nice it could be, he’ll be on board with the idea. Anyway, this is a far-off project. we’ve got a lot more pressing things to deal with first.

I really want to get a garbage disposal. We’ve only cooked two meals here, and I already miss having one. Hopefully we can get that in the next few weeks.

In general, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we need to get done, but we’ll get there.