Medusa In Love-more fleshed out

So I’m leaning more toward making the love story a secondary plot, rather than the main storyline. So I had this idea come to me that you know how there’s all these stories about a young adult, usually a boy, that’s the Chosen One, and has to save the world? So what I’m thinking that maybe something like that happens to one of Medusa’s students, but she goes out and faces the evil thing and saves the world, to protect this 11 year old kid from some horrible destiny thing.

I think that could be pretty fun. So like she’s this awesome teacher lady, with the whole medusa thing going on, which sucks, and makes her life difficult. She steps up and saves the world, not to be the Hero of everything, but to protect this little kid, and along the way, she finds love with someone who she can actually be with, because their disability protects them from her curse. Something along those lines. Anyway, that’s just a rough sketch, but it’s the first time I’ve had a story sorted in my head with a beginning, middle, and end.

I’m going to keep trying to tease out the story over the next month and a half, and maybe use this idea as my nanowrimo this year. So no actually writing this until November, but I can plan out the story and outline until then. I’m almost certainly not going to call my novel Medusa In Love, because I think that’s a terrible name for a story, but I haven’t thought of anything better, so I’ll probably keep using that for now.


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