Medusa in Love

So I’ve been musing a little more about this story idea, and I was thinking that I could have Medusa-girl working as a teacher at a school for the blind, since she doesn’t have to worry about turning them into stone. Maybe she wears dark sunglasses to shield others from her gaze, and a hijab to hide the snakes. Not sure if she’s actually Muslim, or if she just uses the hijab as a disguise, to pass for normal. Maybe instead of my first idea of her falling in love with a blind person, she could be in love with an autistic person, who doesn’t make eye contact. Of course, she could just be in love with someone without any disabilities, who makes a point to avoid her gaze on purpose for their own safety, but I like the idea of a disability being an integral part of the relationship, and something that actually has an advantage in this case.

I don’t know if anyone reads this, but if anyone out there does, maybe let me know if you would be interested in reading a love story about a Gorgon and an autistic person. Also, if anyone out there has an opinion on the subject, do you think she should be Muslim, or just wear the hijab to hide the snakes? I worry that making her just using the hijab as a disguise could be problematic, but I’m not Muslim, so I also worry about writing her as a Muslim, and not screwing that up.

Also, I’m still trying to think up a plot. Should this be purely a love story? Should there be some other major plot going on, with the love story going on in the background, as a subplot? If so, what should the plot be? Obviously there’s a fantasy element at play, since the main character is a Gorgon, but what other fantasy stuff is there? When is this story set? Modern times or some historical period? Is this set in the real world?


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