car is broken

Today I noticed a small puddle under the car, and it looked kinda dark brown so i thought it was an oil leak. I looked up oil leak online and it didn’t seem like a big deal, but also not something you’d want to leave for long, so i took it to a repair place. Turns out that it’s a gas tank leak, which is more expensive, and much more serious. Now we have to decide whether we want to spend about 1.5-2k on repairs, or junk the car and get a new one. I’m kinda freaking out and my husband’s not answering the phone. Cats are worried about me but don’t know what’s wrong, and can’t really help with this.


Medusa In Love-more fleshed out

So I’m leaning more toward making the love story a secondary plot, rather than the main storyline. So I had this idea come to me that you know how there’s all these stories about a young adult, usually a boy, that’s the Chosen One, and has to save the world? So what I’m thinking that maybe something like that happens to one of Medusa’s students, but she goes out and faces the evil thing and saves the world, to protect this 11 year old kid from some horrible destiny thing.

I think that could be pretty fun. So like she’s this awesome teacher lady, with the whole medusa thing going on, which sucks, and makes her life difficult. She steps up and saves the world, not to be the Hero of everything, but to protect this little kid, and along the way, she finds love with someone who she can actually be with, because their disability protects them from her curse. Something along those lines. Anyway, that’s just a rough sketch, but it’s the first time I’ve had a story sorted in my head with a beginning, middle, and end.

I’m going to keep trying to tease out the story over the next month and a half, and maybe use this idea as my nanowrimo this year. So no actually writing this until November, but I can plan out the story and outline until then. I’m almost certainly not going to call my novel Medusa In Love, because I think that’s a terrible name for a story, but I haven’t thought of anything better, so I’ll probably keep using that for now.

house stuff

We (me and my husband) recently bought a house. We ripped a smelly gross old carpet out of the dining room, to find mostly nice old wood floors that we think are the original ones, which is really cool. Our house was built in 1887. The problem is that a previous owner drove several screws into it for some reason. Last night, we tried to drive them in a little more, and cover them with wood putty. I sanded the putty down today and used some Old English polish/scratch cover/stain stuff to try and get it to match. Some of them look fine now, but others didn’t go down far enough, so the would putty is an obvious little bit sticking up, and it looks like there’s some gunk stuck to the floor.

I’m frustrated about this because I really want these floors to look nice. Maybe I should take the screws out and then fill the holes with wood putty, but I’m worried that the screws were there for a reason, so I’m hesitant to pull them out. I don’t want to spend too much more time on this right now, because there’s a lot of stuff I need to get done today so we can start moving in this weekend.

On the plus side, we got our appliances yesterday, and the fridge and stove are set up. Still have to set up the dishwasher, but I’m really excited to have appliances. Well, back to work.

Medusa in Love

So I’ve been musing a little more about this story idea, and I was thinking that I could have Medusa-girl working as a teacher at a school for the blind, since she doesn’t have to worry about turning them into stone. Maybe she wears dark sunglasses to shield others from her gaze, and a hijab to hide the snakes. Not sure if she’s actually Muslim, or if she just uses the hijab as a disguise, to pass for normal. Maybe instead of my first idea of her falling in love with a blind person, she could be in love with an autistic person, who doesn’t make eye contact. Of course, she could just be in love with someone without any disabilities, who makes a point to avoid her gaze on purpose for their own safety, but I like the idea of a disability being an integral part of the relationship, and something that actually has an advantage in this case.

I don’t know if anyone reads this, but if anyone out there does, maybe let me know if you would be interested in reading a love story about a Gorgon and an autistic person. Also, if anyone out there has an opinion on the subject, do you think she should be Muslim, or just wear the hijab to hide the snakes? I worry that making her just using the hijab as a disguise could be problematic, but I’m not Muslim, so I also worry about writing her as a Muslim, and not screwing that up.

Also, I’m still trying to think up a plot. Should this be purely a love story? Should there be some other major plot going on, with the love story going on in the background, as a subplot? If so, what should the plot be? Obviously there’s a fantasy element at play, since the main character is a Gorgon, but what other fantasy stuff is there? When is this story set? Modern times or some historical period? Is this set in the real world?

Story Ideas

Okay, so I have a lot of story ideas. I never really know where to go with them, so they just float around in my head for a bit, until I get distracted and forget about them. This isĀ  of the things I’m going to put on this blog. I’ll write my ideas down here, and that way, I can go back to them if I come up with something to do with it. Anyone who reads this can feel free to use my ideas as a writing prompt, if they like.

So the idea I thought up today is having a Gorgon Medusa-like girl fall in love with someone that’s blind. Since they can’t see her, they won’t get turned into stone. I’m not sure what to do with it, beyond that little idea there, but it sounded like a fun idea.